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Athens: A New Mecca for Street Art

Athens, Greece; When thinking about Athens, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Beautiful landscapes of white and blue, amazing food, Gods and Goddesses and celebratory plate breaking right?

Those may all be true, however these days the city is unfortunately also facing many hardships of a bad economy. As the financial situation worsens, it has created an unusual byproduct. The added social unrest of the city has birthed an explosion of street art, which now puts Athens on the world map for some of the most notable public art works of any city.

According to Leonidas Sampanis (AKA Uniq), a well-known Greek street artist, there’s a long tradition in Greek culture of public art that perhaps can be dated back to ancient times with images being carved on buildings. But today’s street art in Athens may have as much to do with a public response to feeling like their needs are not being heard by those controlling the country’s politics, and controlling the politics of the entire EU. One thing is for sure, the walls of Athens have come alive with the pulse of the people and we’re excited to see how this develops.